About Decrescendo

I established this blog to help me market my book  Decrescendo: A Memoir of Love and Caregiving; however, it gradually evolved into a journal cum memoir of my own decrescendo years. I write about my daily experiences as I try to live expansively while many aspects of my life are contracting. Stories of earlier times are paired with the realities of my life now and I comment on how the former has influenced the latter. I look for the humor, tenderness, and pathos of life. Since the spiritual aspect is important to me, there is often a reflection of that in a non-sectarian, non-dogmatic framework. Above all else, I am honest about my life and my feelings.

My book Decrescendo is a memoir of my marriage and our shared journey with heart disease. It is a love story about care giving and receiving within a long and happy partnership. Once we comprehended the scope of Bill’s heart condition, we made a conscious decision to pay attention to each other’s needs in the face of circumstances that we could not control. 

Bill had two heart stories. His physical heart declined slowly at first, but after a second surgery in 1994, he did not regain his stamina, retained fluid in his legs and was often short of breath. He lived nine years with congestive heart failure, a wasting fatal condition. As it became more difficult to continue his work as a theater director, he suffered and recovered from a clinical depression. His other heart story is how he lived his life. I have written about these two hearts, interwoven with anecdotes of our life together and of my personal development as wife, mother, breadwinner, and caregiver. I am, of course, half of the love story.

By contrast the posts on my blog reflect my life in my eighties, living alone with my dog Nigel. I have the good fortune to live next door to my son and daughter-in-law who ease my way by everything from opening the Claussen's pickle jars to bringing me to medical appointments, offering good counsel and coming to my aid when I fractured my shoulder.

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